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We are a system of individuals within another mind not unlike our own.

We are in no particular order:
Elliot - an intelligent boy from West London living in the shadow of his authoritorian father
Ben - a shy boy from East End with a sharp wit coming to terms with his homosexuality and a neglegent socialist family
David(I) an awkward teen who graduated late due to mental illness and a year in military service that ended badly
Sylvia - the rebellious daughter of a conservative US ambassador from the Deep South having an Irish Catholic heritage
Matt(I) a poor career criminal since he was 9 years old
Rach - a first born twin to Ben, a shy, skinny teen who writes a lot of gothic poetry
Tonya - an astute young black woman from upper West London
Steven - an agnostic Jewish boy who'd rather compose music than run his dad's dentistry practice
Josh - a normal overweight Irish teen
David(II) an angel (who did not so much fall from heaven as saunter vaguely downwards)
Matt(II) an actor
Susan - a soulbond with another system that eventually fleshed into a curious young woman who acts as the voice of reason, but is easily swayed by stronger personalities
Willow - a mutant bred to violence but fiercely devoted to her friends
David(III) a muse, generally androgynous, but tends to appear as male, who may be an incarnation of the two above plus a couple of others, but eventually branched into his own identity
Tyson - the son of a southern television mogel, who chose a life of crime over college and the chance of an inheritance
Wesley Wyndam-Price(BTVS/Angel) a soulbond that merged into our system from his early appearances on the show, a weaker soulbond with Alexis Denisof exists but has not manifested into anything with a consciousness of its own, the existing soulbond with the persona's original system is slightly damaged
Charlie- Is a very negative soulbond that manifested in opposition to the system, but maintains its own persona as with photography, the system developes from the negatives is dead!! Ben killed him! We rejoice.

As you can see, this is only those personalities reduced to their most basic stereotypes, but as you look deeper, you may be quick to discover that each one of them is "a jock, a criminal, a princess, a brain, and a basketcase."

Thanks for visiting.

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activism, alternative, anti-charles dickens, bad religion, being annoying, black humor, black metal, blackadder, bollywood films, bram stoker, british humor, cabaret, chinese lit, classic rock, classical, comedy, complain about school, composing music, country, creating drama, dark comedy, daydream nation, dealing with white priviledge, death metal, debunking white supremacy, dh lawrence, die trying, disability rights, drama, drinking, dry wit, dylan thomas, edgar allen poe, equal rights, existentialism, feminism, friends, gay rights, gender bending, gossip, goth, hating drama, having fun, horror, in stranger's homes, industrial metal, jack kerouac, james joyce, jk rowling, joseph campbell, joseph conrad, jules verne, karma is a bitch, laughing, legend, life, live on the edge, lord byron, love, madonna, making out, mary shelley, me first and the gimme gimmes, metal, monty python, myth, neil gaimen, nico, nikki sixx, not worry about future, operation ivy, passing out on floors, percy shelley, philosophy, placebo, playing drums, playing guitar, plays, political incorrectness, pop, post-modern, procrastinating, pulp, punk, r&b, random stupid humor, rap, real oppression, realism, reality shows, richard cheese, rock, school house rock, screwball comedy, shakespeare, show tunes, sonic youth, speaking up, stephen lynch, strong female protagonists, sweeney, talking about nothing, talking out of turn, teary dramas, terry pratchett, the beatles, the ramones, the rolling stones, the sex pistols, they might be giants, thomas more, tolkien, top 100, trash tv, ts eliot, velvet underground, virginia woolfe, voltaire, what would crowley do, wicked cover bands, worry about future, writing
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